Stephen Leon Pearson - Writer and Musician

Stephen Leon Pearson is a Colorado writer and musician. He has been writing poetry and improvising music for over 50 years. His favorite instrument upon which to improvise is the Native American Flute. He recorded a number of CDs and uploaded them to CDBaby. CDBaby quit selling CDs when the industry moved to streaming music. A link is provided below to Stephen's music and videos on YouTube. Stephen's music can also be found all over the Internet from websites that provide streaming services but you won't find any new NAF CDs recorded by Stephen as he has retired from recording his music. He will continue to play Native American Flute along the trails of Colorado and if you are lucky, you may hear his flute in the distance.

Hearing Native American Flute in its natural environment is a transcendental experience. The song sweeps its way from the ground and continues through the highest branches of the trees. It appears as if from nowhere and the listener stops to listen unable to pinpoint exactly from where it comes. After the Native American Flute is put down the song still hangs in the air.

Stephen wrote his first novel Red Licorice and the Five Goddesses when he was in his early 70s! While at first glance at the title you may think it is Science Fiction or Fantasy but it is not. It is about Love, Art, Music, Theater, Dance, Mystery and Louis, Susan, Liberty, Sylvie, Beth, Dianne and the others who inhabit those worlds. It begins in 1969 when the Viet Nam war occupied the minds of young people. It ends in 2017. The two time periods are technologically contrasted by Sylvie's letters to Louis in 1970 with Louis's search for Sylvie that finally ends in 2016 when he discovers, using the Internet, the life that she lived the previous 40 years. A link is provided below that will take you to where you can find reviews and additional information.

A sequel to Red Licorice and the Five Goddesses has been started but Stephen got sidetracked when he decided to publish an anthology of all of his poetry. There are hundreds of poems. It is taking time but he promises something by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024.

Steve flute music on YouTube