Stephen Pearson - Improvisational Native American Flute

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Stephen Pearson, a Colorado poet musician, has been writing poetry and improvising music for  almost 50 years.

Even though he is a classically trained musician, Stephen found the Native American Flute to be the most spiritually fulfilling of all the instruments he has played. His  CDs, Steve Pearson Sampler , A Mountain Meditation in Four Movements, Ghosts of the Gallery and a courtship of flutes reflect this spirituality.  Much of the music of Stephen Pearson is of the Native Heart genre. Native Heart, as the name suggests, comes from the heart. Stephen's love of nature and of the earth sings naturally and spirtually from his own native heart. His songs give a feeling of the campfire, of old growth forests, of rock-clad canyons and of a life uncluttered by technology. They give a feeling of the Earth. It is beautiful, relaxing and healing in its spirtitual power. Melodies emerge as evocative meditations of the world and its beauty. The breath is slowly let out enabling long uninterrupted phrases. When Stephen plays, the melodies form and flow through his fingertips touching all things.

Hearing Native American Flute in its natural environment is a transcendental experience. The song sweeps its way from the ground and continues through the highest branches of the trees. It appears as if from nowhere and the listener stops to listen unable to pinpoint eactly from where it comes. After the Native American Flute is put down the song still hangs in the air. Stephen Pearson (as Steve Pearson on his Steve Pearson Sampler) with his Native American Flute and improvisational style achieves this affect.

Music has been shown to have beneficial effects by reducing stress and research has even shown that slow music produces a relaxing effect.  A Mountain Meditation in Four Movements is intended to do just that. Not strictly in the Native Heart genre it enables you to focus inwardly and center yourself.  Steve Pearson Sampler is more in the Native Heart genre.  Ghosts of the Gallery is a balance of a variety of flutes, rhythms and styles. His CD, a courtship of flutes , is a romantic story with a happy ending.  perchance, a new meditation CD, is available only at Range of Motion Fitness and features 18 tracks! Continuing with the courtship tradition, Moonlight (Midnight) Suitors is like a trip back in time through Stephen's imagination and is Stephen's newest creative effort. Visit his photo album to experience his inspiration.

Stephen's poetry is also from the heart and is improvisational in that he intentionally takes a spontaneous idea and does not overly rework it. His poetry remains spontaneous and improvisational in nature. Read his Introduction in his Excerpts from "A Canticle of Moments" for more about his writing.  Read his poetry to complement his music! Watch his Music Videos on YouTube!                                                                                                                             

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